Passionate and friendly people with the finest taste of humour.
“Do what you love and do it good, and tomorrow will pay the bills!”


Patrick Cohen

Role: Lead Designer

Patrick is a full focused designer and UI lover. When he’s at the office he loves to explore the outer regions of design.
Things just gotta look pretty!


Lars Wienbelt

Role: Lead Developer

Lars is an allround comrad, loves design, clear functional code and making people happy. When he’s at the office he just loves to develop new stuff.
Things just gotta work!


Remi van Zwet

Role: Backend Developer

Remi loves new, experimental and efficient code. When he’s at the office he silently codes away till the work is done.
Things just gotta work!


Remy Jacobs

Role: Frontend Developer

Remy is our newest star in the comrad family. With a strong focus on details, he might be that “silent-hero” you never hear about.
Things just gotta work!


Job Hanemaaijer

Role: Frontend Developer / Designer

Job started his journey with us as an intern, but was offered a contract after only 1 week! He loves to learn and keeps an eye out for new developments.
A new comrad in town!


Tijs Hensen

Role: Project Manager

Tijs is the one who makes sure projects make sense and keeps everyone working on the right stuff. Because of him we can focus on your problems instead of ours.
Things just gotta make sense!


Bart Beukers

Role: Content Manager

Bart makes sure your website has every word at the right place. Without his finishing touch all our hard work would be for nothing!
Things just gotta be readable!


Mats Schimmelpenningh

Role: Intern

Mats helps us with design work and does extensive research for clients and themes. A nice addition to our team!
“Do you want some coffee with that?”

We have a range of skilled and, might we say, awesome comrads around us
who help us move mountains!