You can easily add buttons to your page using these shortcodes. Unlimited colors, optional gradients and rounded corners and the ability to add your custom style makes this shortcodes very versatile.

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Columns are an unmissable asset to deviding your pages into readable chucks of text. For example, we also use it on this page as well. We’ve included a simple column generator to make this proces very simple.

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Google maps

This shortcode enables you to quickly add a google maps to your page. Imagine having this on your contact page, or on a project page, describing where a project took place. You can choose your own height and width, so it fits in your content perfectly.

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Image slider

The image slider can be put anywhere you want, even in columns! It uses posts to rotate through a selection of images, and with a range of options makes this a very flexible shortcode!

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The tiles shortcode can be seen on the frontpage in all its glory. This shortcode allows you to create a tiled layout of any post type, or create a custom selection of tiles with individual images and content.

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This shortcode allows you to create tabbed content on your pages. You don’t always need to show all the content at once, in which case the tabs come in quit handy!

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Whenever you have a long section of content, it’s nice to break it up with seperation lines to make it a more pleasent experience for the reader. You can also add a link to the line to link to, for example, the top of the page.

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Message boxes

This shortcode can be used to show crucial information on your page. There are several options available, like an error, alert or succes message. You can also choose your own colors to match the tone of your message.

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Post slider

This is a section you can use anywhere on your site to display your latest posts. This can be very handy for the frontpage, or at the bottom of posts to guide readers through your content.

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Toggled content

Sometimes you don’t want to show all content at once. Using toggles you can fold some sections of content without hiding them from the user.

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There’s always a moment when you’d like to underline an important section of your text to the reader. Highlights enable you to just that. Either use the theme color or any other color you want.

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Developer shortcodes

For the more power users out there, we included a couple of developer shortcodes. You can show content depending if they’re logged-in or not, or include whole pages into other pages. This will allow you to combine a lot of functionality in a single view.

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