Set up the frontpage

To set the frontpage like in our demo, you need to take a few steps to achieve this. In this tutorial we’ll cover how to do that.

Step 1: Add a new page

Go to your wordpress admin ( and go to the following page:
Pages / Add new

Now, at the page attributes of this page, select “Home page” template. Name this page “Home”.

To get an image on the left and some text on the right, apply the following shortcodes:

[column size="2x1" first="true" ]
Your content here

[column size="2x1" last="true" ]
Your content here

You can then set regular html into the columns, so everything is displayed well!


Step 3: Set the frontpage callout

To do this, save the home page first. After that, create a new page that you can call “frontpage callout”. (you can name it whatever you want, but lets keep it clear for demo purposes)

You can now fill this page up with the content you want to display in the black box.

Make sure when you’re ready to publish this page.

You can add another callout with a light background under the black section if you want. To do so, repeat this step and add whatever content you want there.


Step 4: Designate the homepage

Go to: Settings/ Reading

Set Front page to: Home. Now save the changes.


Step 5: Designate the frontpage callout

Obviously, you want to have the frontpage callout (black box) as well on your frontpage.
Go to Appearance / Theme settings
There you will find “Frontpage Top Callout” in the “General” tab. Set this one to the page you’ve saved for this, in this case “Frontpage callout”. If you’ve also created a callout for the light section, select this page under “Frontpage Bottom Callout”.

Now save the settings!

You have now successfully set your frontpage!