The biggest challenge for Red Factory to date. Create a new e-commerce and WordPress website for Tacx B.V. – Netherlands largest manufacturer for speed cycling trainers and accessoires. On a global perspective one of the biggest players in this market. Every bottle and every (interactive) speed cycling trainer for the biggest cycling teams you’ll find on a Tour de France track are made by Tacx B.V.

In summary, an honour to build a website for. The ultimate challenge is to create a WordPress website in combination with WooCommerce, the e-commerce platform for WordPress, to serve over 1 million visitors a month.



In close collaboration with the employees of Tacx B.V. we’ve designed and created a gem of a website that will literally take the cycling community off the roads.
We completely changed the look and feel of a standard WordPress website to serve the specific needs of Tacx B.V. and their customers worldwide.

A project that will stay in continous development in order to maintain the standard for cycling related websites.

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